Sunday, April 23, 2017

Do overs...

If you check back to last week you'll possibly notice that I have changed up my Lost In Time Shawl/Scarf.

At first I was just going to rip back a bit to fix what, to me, felt like a too-wide section of teal where I had left off.  But for some reason as I ripped back, I kept ending up with a spot at the end of each row where I couldn't just pick up the yarn and start crocheting from.  It was weird and it didn't make any sense to me, but it kept happening.   It was like I was ripping the rows out backwards.  But how could I do that?

Anyway, at some point I had ripped back so far, and because I was never quite settled over the bright green popcorn stitches early on, it started to make more sense to just start this thing over.   So I did. And I've gotta say... this second try feels better to me.

I also decided to reign in my color choices - from something like eight or nine colors to just five colors.  That was a relief, as well.  While I love the riotous shawls some have made from this pattern, too many colors to figure out just made me nervous I came to realize.   With fewer colors, I was able to write out a plan for the placement of those colors - except that I've already goofed up that plan.  In the end, though, I don't think the color placement plan needs to be set in stone, but it can still serve as a guideline of sorts.  So, we'll see how I like this scarf as it progresses from here. 

I know there's really nothing exactly new here, except that I brought you into my process a bit.

Speaking of processes...

A few weeks ago I started crocheting a Corner to Corner blanket - thinking I was going to make it as simple as possible - basically, all one color, with an interesting (contrasting) border, perhaps.  Well... turns out I am really good at taking a simple-as-can-be project and making it a most complicated one.

Somehow the 10 or so skeins of yarn I had on hand to make this blanket with came from about six different dye lots.  What was I thinking?!?   Clearly I wasn't thinking at all.  I know better than to buy yarn from different dye lots - thinking I'm going to put them together in the same project.  That is never a good idea.  But none the wiser (to the fact that I had different dye lots) I just dived right in to making this blanket - all the pretty skeins of yarn looked the same to me in the basket.  And then it came time to add a second skein to my work.  And the difference was glaring.  One skein had a gray cast and one had a definite beige cast.


There was no way I was going to buy more of this yarn to make this blanket.  I also didn't want a blanket that had big sections that were different from other sections, and I didn't really didn't want to give up on it either.  Fellow Yopper, Stefanie (finding herself working with different shades of the same color on her Pink Flamingo on the Lawn sweater), had inspired me to consider how to work with this sort of problem.  Stefanie simply alternated rows between the two different yarns and the end result is she has an interesting tonal thing going in her sweater.  The problem with the C2C stitch pattern is that alternating the different dye lots among different rows won't work so well because the rows aren't made of narrow knitted stitches that run across the fabric.  The rows in a C2C pattern are fat, chunky things that run on the diagonal.  The result I would get, alternating the skeins between the rows in this blanket, would not be as subtle, or interesting as Stefanie's sweater. 

So, rather than just switch back and forth every other row (which would be depressing enough), I decided that I would intersperse sections of the darker yarn amongst the rows made up of the lighter yarn.  Randomly.  With no plan or real forethought.  Hoping for something that looked kind of purposeful in its randomness.

Can you see the variations in the colors?   Do the variations look random enough?

But, of course, this method means that I can't carry the yarn.  It means that every time I change the color I have to join yarns, snip,  and then do something with the ends.  I was dutifully weaving them in, until I thought, there's got to be a better way.   And don't you know.... there are a number of better ways. 

I searched and found the Braided Join.   And the Knotless Join.  I've known for some time there is a Magic Knot, but honestly...  I have trouble feeling confident that this would truly never come undone.  While I'm going to give the Braided Join more thought and practice, so far I've been having the most success using the Russian Join.    And I'm liking it so much that until I hear some horror stories about how any of these joins have come undone, I think I may try to use these kinds of joins when making blankets in the future - especially when adding yarn of the same color.  I don't suppose these methods work very well when joining a new color at the end of row - though I'm open to hearing if there are ways to join new colors at the ends/beginnings of rows without a lot of yarn weaving, or carrying yarns?   Really, I'd love to know if that's even possible.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend...

I'm not sure what happened to my week, but there wasn't much crocheting or knitting except that
earlier in the week I joined The Other 11 Months Group on Ravely as they started a new CAL - The Lost In Time Shawl. The pattern is actually pretty simple, and is very well written. I highly recommend it.   Here is a progress picture of mine:

The sections that appear yellow-ish are really a lime green.  While the lime green is prettier than the yellow it is showing up as, I do kind of wish I hadn't made that "popcorn" row early on using it. It just feels so bright.  I don't regret it enough to rip back, so hopefully after I get some more length on this and more colors added, the lime green will not look so bright to me.


The weekend was busy with a Good Friday worship service, a birthday celebration, and then Easter Morning worship.  

Our Good Friday service is a combined service of 6 or 7 (at least) churches.  The church it's held in is an older country church that has a beautiful, large sanctuary.   It's a wonderful service - and to make it even better, we get to see people whose lives have intersected ours over the nearly 19 years we've lived here, but our paths have diverged for one reason or another.  It's almost like a homecoming - except that we're all meeting at a new place.

Then Saturday night we went out to eat at a unique place in Indianapolis.  Rook (with street-food inspired, Asian cuisine) is at the northeast edge of the Fountain Square area - an old, but revitalized part of Indy where pubs and restaurants and some non-food businesses line Virginia Avenue and apartment buildings are fitted in - sometimes above the eateries and sometimes angling down side streets.   It was a beautiful spring evening, with music and wonderful smells wafting out of various eateries as we walked a bit.

Oldest son requested it as a place to have his birthday dinner and while there wasn't a thing on the menu any of us could recognize, we happily obliged.  It was a fun adventure. food-wise.  Here am I with my oldest and youngest sons waiting outside for middle son and his girlfriend to arrive:

We're laughing at my husband who couldn't seem to figure out how to take a picture with my phone.

Or so we thought.  Unbeknownst to all of us, he was actually, accidentally snapping dozens and dozens of pictures.

We weren't going to get a clear picture from my phone camera if our lives depended on it, but I'll take a fuzzy, happy picture of laughter any day.


Then, this morning was Easter worship service at our church.  There's always an extra special joy on Resurrection Sunday - just as there should be.  This year we came home and I'm not doing anything else with my day except relaxing and posting this.  Normally, we get together with extended family, but no one else was making it happen, and I wasn't up to the task of making a big meal this year so we're doing the next best thing.  Resting.  Or maybe it's the best thing.  :)

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Yarny goodness...

I've worked a bit more on the Round Jacob's Ladder baby blanket and decided to braid up the open spaces to the point where I left off yesterday.   (The lighter blue yarn is much prettier in real life.  For some reason it wants to photograph as a grayish, sort of mint green.  The yarn I'm using is Hobby Lobby's ILTY in the colors White, Sea Blue and Arctic Blue)

I just can't get over how simple this blanket is to crochet.  To be completely honest, though, the pattern is a tad rough.  I don't point that out to be critical, but to give a heads up.  At first glance the pattern may not feel intuitive at all, but once you decipher some of the odd punctuation in the pattern, this blanket is a breeze to work up.  Seriously...   replace a period with a comma here or there (or vice versa), and you're all set.

Also... I'm participating in the Red Heart Lover's spring blanket CAL, and this week I started a Corner to Corner blanket in the fairly unimpressive colorway Aran Fleck:

It doesn't look like much at the moment, but I hope to make it more interesting with a toffee colored border.  I'm thinking that will be fitting for what I hope will  be a masculine looking throw.

Other than this and some more embroidery on my pillowcases, that's all there has been on the crafty front this week. I have a number of home projects to get going on and I'm trying to find the motivation to get them started.  Getting started is always the hardest, isn't it?  Thankfully, spring weather boosts the spirits and makes "starting" a little easier somehow.  Or so I'm telling myself right now.   I'm so very glad for tulips blooming, our having sown grass seed yesterday, and now entertaining thoughts of pretty flowers soon to be planted.  But projects and work will wait for tomorrow.  On this beautiful warm Sunday afternoon I'm going to go outside and enjoy crocheting in the fresh air. 🌞

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